Furutech the astoria e 1,5m

Furutech The AstoriaThe Pro Audio Power CableRATINGNEMA Version: Type: 2 Pole Earth Rating: 15A 125V AC EU 2 10A 250V ACFEATURESFurutech and Empire power cords If you're a musician or a recording professional, ask yourself the following question: Do current make sense? They might to budget or in context of playback equipment, but are they making to brain? Does create in studio sound like in head, natural inviting emotional? Or do listen to with an


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Kinguin Heroes of Might and Magic 1 5 Bundle GOG CD Key

Comprend: Héros de puissance et de magie Heroes of Might and Magic 2: Or of 3: Terminé of 4: of 5: Pack de et de Les royaumes de se développent. De nouvelles terres ont été découvertes et vous devez relever le défi de conquérir. Attention, de nombreux chefs de guerre se sont levés pour tester votre leadership et vos tactiques. Vous gérer soigneusement toutes ressour...


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IZotope RX PPS 7 UG RX 1 9 Standard

iZotope RX PPS 7 UG RX 1 9 Standard, Software Bundle (Download)*Upgrade from RX 1 9 to RX Post Production Suite 7*@ @ , Ideal for audio restoration, mixing post [email protected] @ *Bundle includes:*@ @ , RX 10 Advanced, Neutron 4, Nectar 3 Plus incl, Celemony Melodyne 5 essential, Insight 2, Dialogue Match, Relay, Tonal Balance Control 2, Exponential Audio Stratus 3D, Symphony 3D


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Headliner Covina Pro Controller Stand Black

Headliner Covina Pro Controller Stand, Stable stand for 2 devices, e.g. DJ controller laptop or small keyboards pad controllers, Several height width settings, Rubber pads on arms legs, Suitable sizes, Extendable shelf (depth from 305 406 mm), Dimensions of (D x W): 295 x 228 432 mm, Weight: 3.1 kg, Colour: [email protected] @ *Suitable the following controllers:*@ @ , Pioneer DDJ 1000SRT, 1000, 800, 400, SZ2, XDJ RX2, SX3, SR2, SB3, Denon MCX 8000, MC 7000,


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Mizuno Monarcida Neo Ii Select Ag Football Boots Rouge EU 44 1 2 Size:

Cette chaussure est la solution idéale pour les joueurs à la recherche de confort et de force. Il offre une coupe large, un cuir synthétique souple et un poids léger. Il s'appuie également des éléments de conception du Morelia Neo Iii avec le motif supérieur de l'avant pied et le système de laçage de la chaussure.Traits:Avantages: Ajustement Cuir Poids Doté d'une semelle intérieure amovible Zeroglide meilleure tenue du et un maximal


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Furutech fi 11m n1 (r)

Furutech FI 11M N1 (R) (G) FI N1 High Performance Power Connector 24k Gold or Rhodium plated Nonmagnetic ConductorsRATINGType: 2 pole earth Rating: 15A 125V A.C.FEATURESFurutech is known the world over a huge variety of top quality OEM parts and delivers consistently superior results by following Pure Transmission principles; examine every link in power signal path ultimately optimize each element. The new FI N1 series feature a plating technique


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ETC Gadget II

ETC Gadget II, DMX Interface, For 2 universes from USB to 2x XLR, Can be connected to any computer via USB, Outputs control values and allows bidirectional communication RDM, also be used with UpdaterAtor or Net3 Concert software to adjust enabled fixtures or to update a range of fixtures, Compatible ETCnomad (requires Eos V2.4 Cobalt V7.3 or higher), software, 2x 5 Pin female connectors, 1x Type B socket, Power supply: 5 V Dimensions (H x W x D):


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SVS soundpath isolation system v2 4 pcs

SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation SystemWorks with nearly every subwoofer brand model to improve bass performance while drastically reducing floor wall vibrations, noise artifacts complaints from neighbors or roommates.The works to or De coupling a the results in inherently tighter cleaner sounding bass. It's also next best thing to proofing ideal carpeted rooms, hardwood floors or any space where rattles, buzzes or are present.CaractéristiquesDurable


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Furutech power ref.iii (fi e35) 1,8m

Furutech Power Reference IIIPower High End performance CableRATINGType: 2 pole earth Rating: 10A 250V 15V 125V A.C. Connectors: FI 25(R) IEC and FI 25M(R) or FI UK(R) FI E35(R) FI AU(R) ConnectorFEATURESTop of the line double shielded α (Alpha) OCC conductor interconnects, power cords digital cables featuring extraordinary build quality Formula GC 303 antimagnetic EMI absorbent modules surrounding offering greater resolution, more powerful dynamics,


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RGBlink TAO 1Mini HN FHD NDI Studio

RGBlink TAO 1Mini HN FHD NDI Studio, Encoder Decoder for all Codecs, decoder that creates AV streams and distributes them on network or retrieves from network, Makes any camera with HDMI or USB output compatible ready IP based video workflows, Enables cost effective, virtually latency free transmission over long distances, PTZ cameras only support HX2 to also use latest HX3 or Full codecs, Serves as either an encoder or an decoder, Supports multiple


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